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Letters from our readers as published in the
PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
November- December  2017  (V25 N6)

Thank you for writing to us. We read all letters, even though we are not able to answer each one personally. Please send postal correspondence to:
Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries
4137 Primavera Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the book The End of “Christian Psychology” and the wealth of information it provides.

Wow, if nothing else you’d think 3rd party insurers would slam the door shut on this hocus pokus. I can’t imagine they don’t know the facts so they must have negotiated it somehow with the government adherents to this pretend religion.

Why Christians would continue to drink from these broken cisterns is disheartening and unfathomable. The connection to mysticism and the occult is also enlightening since mysticism is also over running the church as well.               New York

Brother & Sister Bobgan,

Most Christians have no doctrine, do not read their Bibles, and unfortunately the same is true with pastors. Few know what they believe and why they believe what they do. The Lord is grieved with this generation. Even so, come Lord Jesus! ......West Virginia

Hello Martin & Deidre,

Thanks for your September-October newsletter, and thanks again for your ministry. It continues to be an encouragement.

In your lead article, you emphasized that emotional problems may sometimes be caused by unknown physical illnesses. I’m glad you emphasize this, because it holds us back from judging too quickly. However, I wonder if sometimes it is not either/or. For example, granted that ulcers are caused by bacteria, perhaps worry can weaken a person’s immune system, which could otherwise fight off the bacteria. Worry may be caused by a lack of faith, and thus ulcers may in some cases be both a spiritual and physical problem. The same kind of thing could be true for other emotional difficulties people experience. But since it may be impossible to always know, your article is still a great reminder to be slow to judge. Thanks again.          Iowa 

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing in regard to your paper. I used to get it all the time, but I now have a change of address. I hope I can get it once again, as I enjoy your paper very much. I read it from front to back—a very interesting and informative paper. Prisoner 

Dear Martin and Deidre,

Thank you so much for your faith in God and His Word and power to overcome all adversity in this problematic world! I am deeply moved by your urgency to warn and instruct us in God’s righteousness and sufficiency for all our needs…. Many of us have heard the little couplet [Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last], but few know who wrote it…C.T. Studd ( 1860-1931), a famous British cricketer and missionary to China, India, and Africa.                  Oregon

[First and last stanzas quoted below.]

Two little lines I heard one day,

Traveling along life’s busy way;

Bringing conviction to my heart,

And from my mind would not depart;

Only one life, ’twill soon be past, 

Only what’s done for Christ will last.


Only one life, yes only one,

Now let me say, “Thy will be done”;

And when at last I’ll hear the call,

I know I’ll say “’twas worth it all”;

Only one life, ’twill soon be past,

Only what’s done for Christ will last. 


I just signed up for the PDF emailing of your PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter. To save you on mailing costs, please remove me from your physical mailing list.    Pennsylvania


Thanks for your faithful teaching and defense of the truth in the church, which has been so compromised with secular psychology.  Kentucky 

Dear Friends in Christ,
I have read
Stop Counseling! Start Ministering! and am about to start Person to Person Ministry. I think your writing provides good insight into the whole area of so-called “Christian Counseling.” The options you propose are balanced and scriptural.

I look forward to receiving your bimonthly newsletter.       Virginia

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PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries
4137 Primavera Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110