Elijah House and the Inner Healing of John and Paula Sandford

Jan Fletcher, who is an investigative reporter and a Christian, interviewed us in preparation for her article on Dr. Ed Smith and what he now calls Theophostic Prayer Ministry, which she wrote a few years ago. As she has continued her research since that time, she has uncovered a great deal of information about other inner healing ministries as well.

Soon after Fletcher and her family moved to Spokane, Washington, she learned that two well-known inner healers, John and Paula Sandford, were moving their headquarters there as well.  

We are including a link to her web site because, in addition to supplying a wealth of information about theophostics, Fletcher will be posting additional information about the Sandfords and their inner healing. 


The Sandfords were disciples of Agnes Sanford and have further popularized many of her teachings, as well as adding their own ideas. Dr. Jane Gumprecht includes a chapter on the Sandfords in her book Abusing Memory: The Healing Theology of Agnes Sanford.  


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